The heart of your business

Postcards - Beyond business - bold and beautiful

Your business is all about food, whether you are running a high end restaurant, a family steak house, or a fast food outlet. Your kitchen draws your patrons, and your menu is your showcase. It’s your whole reason for being in business, in one comprehensive place. At the very least, it must be perfect, but at it’s very best, it can work wonders for you.

Your menu is an extension of your brand, and this must be obvious in terms of design and style. It needs to inform patrons about what food is available, but it can also entice and allure, so that they order more food, or different dishes. A menu that is well designed and laid out can encourage extra orders and up selling, something any restaurateur appreciates. A better menu means better turnover.


Your design and style will depend on the type of restaurant you are running. One thing is common though — a well designed and beautifully printed menu will delight your patrons. We offer a range of paper sizes, folding options and finishes, to ensure that your menu looks as good as your food. Order your menus today and get free delivery anywhere in South Africa.